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Every month we shout burgers to the legends among us who give back to their community or help people in need.

This month, we shout out to the team at Eat My Lunch for their incredible work and commitment to feeding Kiwi kids in need. An organisation that has operated since 2015, has a dedicated mission to ensure that no child at school goes hungry, starting with kids right here in our own backyard.

Since Eat My Lunch launched, the social enterprise has given over 1.7 million lunches to children through their 'Buy One Give One' programme. With every product you Buy, Eat My Lunch will provide a school lunch to a kid who would otherwise go without.

Eat My Lunch is supported with the help of volunteers who help create the 'Give Lunches' for Kiwi Kids at schools. The community supporting the organisation display a strong sense of unity, and is celebrated through a culture of good vibes, great music and great coffee, all whilst doing their volunteer work. However the day to day operations of Eat My Lunch doesn't stop there, as the Eat My Lunch staff support the wider business by fulfilling corporate orders.

Eat My Lunch have an extensive range and are a catering choice that can make a big difference. Their product range has grown over the years and now includes lunches, seriously good salads, platters, snack boxes and gift boxes. Their quirky Isolation Gift Box has been a hit with people wanting to connect with staff, family and friends during Covid restrictions. It even includes a ‘cheeky’ roll of premium toilet paper!

Check out their full range of catering and products on offer here, and if you're keen to muck in and help this worthy cause by feeding Kiwi kids, then head here to volunteer, with the next induction opening again from May 2022.

To say thanks to the legends at Eat My Lunch, we’ll be fuelling the team with BurgerFuel for their awesome work.

Shout out to the Eat My Lunch team and follow @eatmylunch.nz on IG and FB, and check out their website eatmylunch.nz!


Note: some images were taken before strict Covid-19 protocols. Eat My Lunch operate with masks, gloves, hairnets and social distancing.