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Every month we shout burgers to the legends among us who give back to their community or help people in need.

This month, we shout out to the team at Kai Avondale for their incredible work and commitment to improve access to Kai, provide places for people to connect socially and prevent food, that’s still edible, from being thrown out.

Kai Avondale Is a collective of free community food initiatives. The collective includes Feed the Streets, Free Guys, Breakfast Club and Food Rescue. With these programmes, Kai Avondale improves access to kai for those that need it.

Kai Avondale offers different food services so they can reach people in ways that suit their preferences and comfort levels, as they understand that a sit-down meal surrounded by people might not appeal to everyone. Kai Avondale offers an opportunity to support the whole Whanau across their programs to ensure everyone is fed and happy.


The Kai Avondale initiatives are very generously supported by over 50 regular volunteers and donors each week, all whom have a direct link to the Avondale community. In some cases, they have started out as meal guests or social supermarket shoppers before becoming volunteers themselves.

Check out all the amazing programmes that they have to offer, and if you are keen to be a part of the great community they have created, then head here to volunteer.

To say thanks to the legends at Kai Avondale, we’ll be fuelling the team with BurgerFuel for their awesome work.