Posted by BurgerFuel

Every month we shout burgers to the legends among us who give back to their community or help people in need.

This month, we shout out to the team at Kaibosh for their incredible work and commitment to be the link between the food industry and supporting people in need.

Kaibosh work with the food industry and link them to community groups that support those in need and ensure that quality surplus food is utilised by giving those too need rather than being unnecessarily discarded, benefitting both the community and the environment.

The Kaibosh team sort through and redistribute up to 75 tonnes of quality surplus food each month, which equates to 214,000 meals worth of food provided to those who need it most.

Since launching in 2008, they’ve rescued 2,831 tonnes of edible food, distributed over 8 million meals to the community and saved 846,590kgs of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Legends.

Check out all the amazing work that they do, and if you are keen to be a part of the great community they have created, then head here to volunteer.

To say thanks to the legends at Kaibosh, we fuelled the team with BurgerFuel.