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We’re all for supporting legends that live by the full throttle mantra. Some are legit legends and aces at what they do, some are wanna-be legends and just need a leg up, and others are legends in their own lunchbox – have stuck at it, (regardless of how good, or not, they are at it) and we support their dogged determination, wholeheartedly.

If it’s a bit hardcore, full throttle or the best kind of different (like a fighting robot called El Minion, from the Stupid Robot Fighting League Championship) then we’re all about it.

Not sporty by nature, but we’ll back the fringe, minority or unconventional sports and get behind the under-dog any day.

We look back at a fine selection of some full throttle mates of ours:


We’ve been fuelling the Piha Boatie crew for many years now, seeing them achieve World Champion status and take out title after title. Watching these guys and girls manoeuvre these beast boats in the big waves is really something. See it for yourself at this summers, BurgerFuel Piha Day of Giants – Feb 13, 2021


In the mid 2000’s, BurgerFuel was one of the earlier brands to get behind combat sport, specifically ‘Cage Fighting’. With a lack of media coverage and a common public perception as a brutal blood sport at that time, we dug the rebel spirit in it and built a lasting relationship with MMA fighter, Josh. We sponsored him in chicken. That’s 5 kilos of frozen chicken breast a week, as he prepared for a fight (which he subsequently won). A little chicken can go a long way.

Since then we’ve fed a few more friends of the fighting fit variety, like Shane Cameron, Carlos Ulberg, Brad “Quake” Riddell and Dan “Hangman” Hooker.


BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evo VII pilot, self-proclaimed ‘girl racer’, champion Time Attack race car driver and world class chick who we’ve backed for nearly 10 years. Kat is our longest standing motorsport Friend of the Fuel and most loyal and patriotic to the purple. Also, now a new Mumma, to beautiful baby Zoey.


Friend of the Fuel since waaay back and professional BMX rider, Haimona has designed his own sick range of riding gear with our resident artist Haser. After a successful career both in front of the TV and behind it, he’s now a freelance video content producer and our go-to for any rad full throttle action videography.


National treasure, key figure within the HQ walls and integral part of the BurgerFuel promotions and events team. Vika (aka Veeks) is authentically passionate and knowledgeable about cars (probably knows more than your Dad) and with her own ride that’ll make any girl or boy racer green. Don’t hate her cause you ain’t her.


Our beloved BurgerFuel franchisee of 4 Wellington stores, avid car collector, top drag car racer and adrenaline junky since he was a baby. Kingi is on a path to smash his records in no time, making his cars NZ’s fastest NZ small block street legal cars.


Kiwi watersport champ who blurred the lines between wakeboarding and kiteboarding. We fuelled Jamie on his journey many moons ago and hope he's still carving it up today!


Passionate drift car racer and smooth talker. BurgerFuel fuelled Brad's passion years back and attended many a D1NZ event in support. Now with a growing brood and he and his lovely wife are the proud franchisees of Winner Winner Pukekohe.


Originally sponsored in free burgers and a BurgerFuel cap or two, racing driver in the V8 Supercar and Supertourer categories and raced as part of Super Black Racing Team. All around good bloke and absolute legend.

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