Posted by BurgerFuel

With 57 stores Aotearoa wide and a burger army family of over 800, we celebrate and honour our wonderful, weird, and downright whacky crew over the past 25 years.


Fun, Fast & Loud Speaks to our epic staff, unique service style and the high energy atmosphere in our stores. We strive to provide a burger experience that’s packed with loads of personality and the team work hard to deliver on that. With a focus on culture in-store, the aim is always to serve fresh to order, quality burgers, quick-as and all while having fun on shift.


We always start the store vibe off right, and this sees our famous Cook Offs come in to play. While you won’t see burning sage at these epic events, you will experience a sensory overload in the form of sick beats pumping from a DJ, the freshest, tastiest feed on the house, and a crew of people who make you feel like you are at home, if your home was a party, and it was just getting started.


This leads us to the people who have picked up the magic stick, the baton, if you will, and you will see our hard-case and hard-working franchisees working right alongside their in-store staff. Never afraid to roll up the proverbial sleeves, they are also a talented bunch with many a skilled talent and hobbies interwoven in to their work and personal lives. See how they get their freak on and let their hair down here - burgerfuel.com/nz/world-of-burgerfuel


Our people are a bit of a square peg in a round hole. We’re a crew of freaks and geeks, anti-heroes, under-dogs and legends in our own lunchbox. When it comes to customer service and our style, we’re fun, fast and loud. It’s a full-bore, high-energy service environment, with loads of personality, that creates an atmosphere as charged as the food.

If it’s fun, fast and loud, we get down with it, and shout out to all the real ones who have donned the black uniform in the past, the ones who are repping it now and the ones that we just can’t wait to meet.