When we launched this burger, everyone described it as "cute" beyond words, which was weird because they used words to say that, but either way this is a totally "kawaii" mini chicken burger with grilled pineapple, iceberg lettuce, fresh natural BurgerFuel Aioli and our natural batch brewed sweet tomato relish on it for good measure.This is what eating a Powerpuff girl would taste like if they were chicken burgers... and pineapple flavoured... and real.

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If 3 is the magic number, then cheese is the magic word and Hamburgini is the magic burger. Sliced sandwich pickles are probably the magic pickle too, but that sounds a bit too open for misinterpretation.

Anyway, no other burger on the planet is as good as the Hamburgini with Cheese at both 3pm and at 3am, 2pm and 2am is pretty darn good too, actually all the hours of the day seem to work well taste wise, but we've done specific testing on the 3pm/3am Hamburgini with Cheese paradigm. Most of our testing is done at the original Ponsonby store in Auckland after a late night skype call in the office with our overseas business partners...ahem.

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This little guy may be slightly smaller than the rest of his buddies but when it comes to taste he’s larger than life and mighty, mighty fine. Like “daaaaaamn boy” fine.

We’ve kept it simple: artisan wholemeal buns, 100% pure grass fed NZ beef, fresh cut salad, batch-made tomato relish and our addictive, natural BurgerFuel Aioli.

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The Combustion Tofu was inspired by long hot summers spent on the coast in our treasured 1974 VW Kombi, practicing free love, doing yoga and braiding each other’s hair. This tasty vegetarian flavour-bomb is served on a smaller artisan bun and packed with velvety organic tofu, teriyaki sauce, smashed avocado, peanut sauce and our free-range BurgerFuel Aioli (which can be removed to make it vegan).

Perfect for filling the lunchtime gap and impressing even the most passionate carnivores.

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