Speed and Custom

Gravity-defying Nitro Circus highlights 2019!

We highly commend anyone who is willing to take their passion to the limits of extreme gravity-defying stunts, like witnessed at Nitro Circus.

All thrill-seekers united this year at Eden Park to witness exhilarating performances to wow any crowd. 

"You Got This" Stadium tour showcased Nitro Circus’ fearless riders braving the biggest ramps ever seen in both FMX and BMX.

We are impressed.


When you are witnessing before your very eyes, gravity-defying stunts amongst flame throwers and adrenaline...you know Nitro Circus is in town.

Our long-time Friend Of The Fuel Nick Franklin was amongst the adrenaline junkies on the day.

Nick got amongst the action, performing at Eden Park where Nitro Circus which was held for the first time; normally being held at Auckland's North Harbour Stadium. He had many of his fans excited to see him in his element.

Trust us, it's not for the faint-hearted.

Nitro Circus is here to push limits, break boundaries and helps redefine what it means to be a daredevil.

We are more than excited for next year already!

PS - remember kids, don't try this at home.

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