How to cut cost BurgerFuel style

In the spirit of helping you save, we've also put together a list of other ways to keep more money in the bank.

UPSKILL & CUT YOUR OWN HAIR: Cut down on trips to the salon/barber and follow Brad Mondo’s hair tutorials. With new hair style trends like the ‘Wolf Cut’, there’s a wide margin for error. If it kind of resembles a mullet, you’re good. We recommend avoiding cutting your own bangs. Don’t do it.

WEAR SOMEONE ELSE’S OLD CLOTHES: Ditch the fast fashion and investigate your local op shops. Some might have once associated thrift shops with musty garments from the counter-culture era lining the walls. But these days, you can choose from a wide range of both excellent pre-loved vintage threads and second-hand designer pieces and score some absolute gold, all the while contributing to charity and reducing waste. Though we do miss that familiar whiff of mustiness, moth balls and incense when we bring home our haul.

TAKE A NOTE OUT OF AN INSTAGRAM MUM’S BOOK: You might think meal planning must be for hyper-organised Instagram Mums but think again. You and your flatties could save both time and money by planning your meals together and shopping for only what you need.


MAKE YOUR OWN LUNCH: Same goes with packing your own lunch. It doesn’t have to be a bento box with veggie sticks made into the shape of a bunny face. But get your sh*t together, get up early and chuck a sandwich and a piece of fruit in a Tupperware container for god’s sakes. Then raid the office pantry for snacks.

CARPOOL: When all the housemates leave in the morning, then you hit bumper to bumper traffic on the motorway and there they are in the lane beside you. "Oh, hi". We think there’s a better way.

Plus, there’s only so many times you can giggle and wave, so after a while you stare ahead pretending you haven’t seen them. #awkward


TATTOOS: Cut down on the trips to the tattoo studio and grab a pen instead for you ink hit. There's also some amazing sticker transfer tattoos out there these days. 

DATA: Save on data and head to a…Library, yes, pick up a book and give that thumb a rest and your phone bill some much needed reprieve.

FLATTY: Now we know this one’s a hard one, but, you could always opt for an at home instant coffee instead of that large, triple shot, organic milk flat white. Don’t worry we are not fans of this one being a long-term change.