Loaded Sweet As Kumara Fries

Kūmara, the sweet potato's kiwi cuz. Grown in the mighty north, in a place called Dargaville, it’s the home of the vegetable we obsess over. The pride for our local Kūmara is real.

Out of all of the sweet potatoes, this one’s the sweetest, and this time around... they’re LOADED. Meet our Sweet As Loaded Fries. 

Crafted from the Orange Kūmara, once fried they transform to become golden, crunchy and Sweet As. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C and A.

To take them down the saucy path of deliciousness, we’ve drizzled peanut sauce all over and, for a touch of extra sweetness, sprinkled coconut chips on top. If you like heat on all the things, you can also add Sriracha for $1.

Head in store now, they’re around for a sweet time, not a long time.


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