Meet Ash! BurgerFuel's Youngest Franchisee

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BurgerFuel has been keeping it Kiwi since '95, and we're proud of it. We might have an undying passion for American Muscle cars, but we've always been locally owned and operated and you'll find our Franchisees behind the grill, having a yarn with you at the till or sweeping the entrance.

Our people are the core of our brand, and we want to showcase some of the Franchisees that put the oil into operating our stores, along with their own blood, sweat and tears.

Meet Ash, from Fairy Springs!

Being our youngest Franchisee - becoming one at just 21, Ash has been fueling Fairy Springs since November 2019.

Starting out as a part-timer at 15 while at high school, Ash had a passion for BurgerFuel and made her way up to shift manager, all the while still being at high school full time. At 18 Ash was selected to be apart of our USA training team and headed over to Indianapolis to train the crew in customer service for 2 months! Ash's vast experience at BurgerFuel has lead her to becoming Franchisee of BurgerFuel Fairy Springs, Rotorua. 

"A lot of people ask me how and why? I have the industry experience; knowledge is power and I am a powerhouse when it comes to BurgerFuel. I love the brand and have always loved my job."

Ash recalls the challenges of wanting to progress further and further at BurgerFuel, while stilll in high school, and has shared her passion being a part of the BurgerFuel family since the very begining. Her dedication, resilience and passion for the brand has contributed to BurgerFuel Fairy Springs' success.

"The amount of times I asked my parents if I could ✨️ progress further ✨️ (drop out, but made to sound classy) than school, I was always met with a "no you need to keep your options open", but finally, after a long 3 years and completing my final year at Rotorua Girls High, I was freeeeee!! And the career goal hadn't changed!"

Ash's love for the quality ingredients, the culture and vibe of the brand is second to none. Ash loves to get out and help support the community, while also being able to explore her own backyard, with her and her husband finding a new love within their community. 

"It's the local backing, local support and customer engagement! The last few years have been the roughest they could've been for hospitality and tourism, which, as you can imagine, hit Rotorua pretty damn hard. But seeing us all bounce back and support one another has been awesome".

"My Husband and I have both found a new love for Ziplining, thanks to Rotorua Canopy Tours!! The experience was absolutely surreal, shout out to our tour guide Martin ✌️"

Ash and her husband Tu embody the BurgerFuel spirit and have a passion for the brand, especially when it comes to Speed and Custom, they even featured in our most recent ad! See if you can spot them.

The next time you’re in the Rotorua area, head into Fairy Springs to say hey to Ash and the team and grab some gourmet burgers! If you get the chance to chat to Ash, she might fill you in on some of her BurgerFuel hacks with adding some of the best modifiers to your order, or she might even make you her favourite burger, the Bacon Backfire, but wtih no tomatoes and adding a hit of Chipotle Aioli!

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