Posted by BurgerFuel

our very own blend of creamy, all-natural dairy

We whip it into shape daily, fresh to order, for the ultimate dessert experience. 

When you order The Whip, we’ll add the finest, most delicious flavours and ingredients to our all-natural BurgerFuel Whip, and remix it into a mega-thick, frenzy of indulgent flavour,
with chunky gourmet goodness and all spun together to make an impact with every bite.
There are two delicious options for you to choose from.

We have Knuckle Berry Spin. Freeze-dried raspberries, lashings of berry puree and rich chocolate brownie. Whipped into shape with all-natural BurgerFuel Whip, fresh to order. 

Then there is Deft Bite Chocolate. The wickedest Whip. Chocolate everything remixed with all-natural BurgerFuel Whip. Rich chocolate brownie and luxurious chocolate flake are whipped into shape with chocolate infused all-natural BurgerFuel Whip, fresh to order. 

Remember The Whip – It’s indulgent gourmet goodness remixed into every bite. Because we believe life's too short, so you’ve got to whip it real good!