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It’s our birthday month and to celebrate, we’re giving away 10 full throttle Hypercar experiences in some of the world's most innovative modern luxury and performance sports cars.

We've been chatting to some friends of the fuel, and legitimate speed freaks, to find out more about their passion for going full throttle.

Meet our Speed Freak, Kat Benson, Friend of the Fuel since waaay back and one of BurgerFuel’s first sponsored motorsport athletes. With her BurgerFuel Evo 7, she continues to rep the brand on and off the track.

What was the first car you owned, or your first driving experience? 

1994 Daihatsu Charade De Tomaso 1600cc

A classic! And what got you into Time Attack? What is it about the motorsport that got you hooked? 

I guess it came down to the freedom of the build within your chosen class and at the time this form of motorsport was the best suited to my (ex-drag car) highly modified unique Lancer GSR.  Time Attack in NZ was also an up-and-coming racing league, which allowed a lot of personal expression and sheer determination to push yourself and your car to its limits.  It was fantastic to be involved with such a revolutionary race series in NZ, from the ground up.

Time Attack racing originates from Japan, in the ‘60s. Can you give readers out there a quick run down of how it works? What is the ultimate goal? 

Time Attack is not your typical ‘first past the post’ racing series, it’s all about achieving that one perfect flying lap.  In summary, its about pushing your car to its limits, under extreme time pressure.

Speed is key in your passion for racing, does this love or need for speed translate to anything else in your life? Favourite pastimes, sports etc? 

Fun fact…I was actually a competitive swimmer for most of my early years/teens.  I would say this was probably key in laying a foundation which influenced my competitiveness/drive and determination.  I have always been an avid motorsport follower and began my 4 wheeled experience in a drag car, which morphed into a drift car, and then into Time Attack…the rest is history.

Tell us about your beloved Evo and update us on any new modifications you’ve been making and why?

Over the past 2 years, the BurgerFuel Evo 7 has undergone a raft of upgrades under the watchful eye of E&H Motors, including: a displacement increase, taking the 4G63 engine from 2.0 to 2.3 litres, KAPS dogbox transmission, MCA coilover suspension upgrade, complete Link Engine Management suite, various Turbosmart products to control the boost coming from the new Borgwarner EFR turbo, Sinco Exhaust system, full race brake package, plus an overhaul of the aero kit. Power levels are now at a comfortable 430kw at all 4 wheels.

What are the key customisations you need to make for optimum Time Attack racing performance?

Push the rules, within your class, to the limit to maximise grip application to track. You need to take full advantage of aero, power, weight and tyre.  Your journey and success as a woman in motorsport, sees you stand shoulder to shoulder alongside many other inspirational female drivers.

Are there any key figures who you’ve drawn influence or aspiration from?

I would most likely say Jessi Combs, for her personality and presence in the automotive scene.  Not only did her achievements speak volumes, but her drive and determination will always be imprinted in my heart.  To this day, I still have her poster in the garage autographed with ‘never give up’. Rest in Peace, Jessi.

An absolute legend, for sure. How would you describe your driving style, on and off the track?

Off the track, I’m an absolute nanna, HAHA!  On the track I’m probably best known for being a calculated and consistent driver, with no hesitation to throw it deep into a corner. Well, you have precious cargo (Zoe) off the track, so it makes sense!

Putting aside Covid sh*tting on any travel plans, what’s your dream international track or terrain that you’d like to experience some day?

Monaco, just for the sheer glamour and prestige.

Do you have any superstitious habits or just pre-race rituals you like to undertake before you compete?

Normally just a bit of standard stretching and then take a bit of chill time to myself in the car with my helmet on, before hitting the track to get in the zone.

What is your ultimate dream car?

Porsche 918 Spyder

Do you have any other machines in your garage that we should know about?

Motorsport runs in the family…my husband Andrew, wheels a 1988 V8 FCRX7 setup for drifting.

Nice. And of course, what’s your favourite BurgerFuel burger?

You’re going to make me choose just one?!  Out of the classic menu, most probably an American Muscle. I add salad. Or the special Fush ‘n’ Chups burger.

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