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New Zealand Music Month 2024 Showcase: Lance Savali

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From Dancer to DJ.

We're reaching the home stretch for New Zealand Music Month so here's our next showcase. This year we're talking to a series of artists from the underground all the way up to icon status. You may know our next guest as a world famous dancer but did you know he's also making a name for himself in the music industry. It's Mr Lance Savali!

RBF: So good to have you here at Radio BurgerFuel! Let's take it back to the start, what came first, your passion for dance or music? 

Lance: Dancing! I was born dancing, like as a little kid I always wanted to dance, at school, at church wherever I could. 

RBF: What made you finally decide to branch into music? 
Lance: I think it just made sense. I just found me going out and parting and loving house music I was like I should just make my own music. Go out to clubs, with my friends and get paid to DJ, listen to music we love and have fun. I've always had such a love for house music so I just wanted to make music I would love. 

"I don't necessary look up to them for their music but more so because of who they are and how they come across"

RBF: Going into the music industry must have been quite a shift for you. Who did you look to for inspiration to help get you started?

Lance: These people are in the industry, but I don't necessary look up to them for their music but more so because of who they are and how they come across. People like Frank Ocean, Prince, Freddie Mercury, and Lauren Hill. I look up to them because of the way they hold themselves, who they are as people and how true they are to themselves. It's really stuck with me from such a young age the individuality that people like Prince and Michael Jackson had and owned in the industry - that has just always stuck with me. 

“I'm super grateful that I was aware of that and that I took the risk"

RBF: It feels like you've been able to experience so many awesome things so far in your career! But for you looking back, what has been the best opportunity for you so far?

Lance: That's so hard to answer! Can I give you a top three? Obviously booking Chris Brown because that was my dream job since I was little, going on a World Tour with Rihanna and then it has to be Coachella with Beyonce. It's hard because that's all dance related but there's stuff I've done here in NZ that I’m so excited about that I can't talk about yet.....

RBF: Let's touch on that because we would love to learn how working for Chris Brown became such a goal for you at such a young age? 

Lance: Yeah I mean growing up as a kid if anyone asked me who I wanted to dance for, It was always Chris Brown. For me to even get an opportunity to audition for him is crazy! I can never live with what if's, even from a young age which I'm super grateful that I was aware of that and that I took the risk, not that I had much to lose but had everything to gain, a little boy from New Zealand knowing his worth in the dance industry and just gave it a crack!

" Everytime I listen to his songs it gives me a different meaning"

RBF: Being quite new to this space, who are your music idols that you would love to emulate? 

Lance: Frank Ocean! He's so original and every time I listen to his songs it gives me a different meaning. I'm so curious about his creative process - you have no idea where he is or what he's doing which is so interesting to me. And Bob Marley and Michael Jackson, don't I need to explain those ones!

RBF: With so much going on and you being in so many different spaces, what keeps you motivated to keep working hard? 

Lance:  My friends and family! Just wanting to succeed at things I enjoy is so motivating in itself. The strive to be successful so the people around me can reap the rewards of it too - a massive motivator for me. 

“Chris Brown, easiest answer ever!"

RBF: I'm sure it's hard to pick a favourite but we have to ask, out of all the amazing artists you've been able to work with in your dancing career, who has been your favourite? 

Lance: Chris Brown, easiest answer ever! It's such a dream to be able to live out my childhood dream and continue to get opportunities to work with him. 

" if I achieve the greatest thing to someone else or to me, but it's always what's next"

RBF: And finally, you know we have to go out on the big question, what does the next five years look like for you? 

Lance: Man! I always struggle with this question because there isn't really any set end goal for me. There's never been a painted picture that I look to achieve. I grew up in a very traditional family but I'm very far from that so I really don't know because I could wake up tomorrow and decided I want to do something else. 

I don't see where I am in five years, but I think that's the exciting part because it the unknown, but I welcome it and I just let what's meant to happen, happen.

The thing about me is if I achieve the greatest thing to someone else or to me, but it's always what's next. I've always struggled with that, but I think that's a good thing to keep me pushing myself. 

I can never answer this question when people ask me because obviously there's the answer of when I'm a multi-millionaire, live on an island, have a house here and there and friends are good, but I don't know what that looks like for. I could have that all and still be bored and want more or to do something else. 

Let's just say there's a lot more I want to do and I'm working on bringing things out, but just have to wait for the right time - stay tuned. 



Lance is off to dance for Chris Brown's upcoming tour so make sure to follow him on Instagram or TikTok to get all the behind the scenes content and be the first to hear his music when it drops.


Big thanks to Lance for coming and joining us at Radio BurgerFuel.