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NZ Music Month Playlist - Emma Dilemma

Posted by Lee Densem

Happiest when spitting

Yay May! It's always been our favourite month. Ever since 2001 that is, when the first NZ Music Month kicked off. This year we're highlighting some artists we think you deserve to hear about. We asked them to come up with a 100% Kiwi playlist to share with you. It's Aotearoa as!

Each week we've been releasing a new playlist, and then we're rounding out the month with a special edition of Friday Night Bites - where you could see some of the artists live at BurgerFuel HQ.

To finish it off is Christchurch native Emma Dilemma. Having graduated from fronting Decades, her solo sound is like the awesome love child of all your favourite 90's music! Check out the playlist from Emma Dilemma below, and make sure you tune in to hear the full story behind the selections on-air. Happy NZ Music Month 2022 from Radio BurgerFuel.


It didn't take much convincing to get Emma to jot down some of her favourite Kiwi tracks. From the likes of Foley (pre-show jam), Goodshirt (fave Kiwi song), Miss June (crush), and Macey (newest Kiwi song she's heard), you'll get an idea about where she's come from, and what tickles her fancy today.

Emma Dilemma's debut album 'Spit' is due out in July. Pre-order it now and grab a sweet kazoo or something to go with it. We can't wait!

Emma Dilemma - Temporary You (2022)

Goodshirt - Buck It Up (2003)

BLINDFOLDED AND LED TO THE WOODS - The Inevitable Fate of the Universe (2021)

Foley - Rendezvous (2020)

degrees.k - Radio Control (2004)

Falter - Falling (2003)

fur patrol - andrew (2001)

Miss June -Twitch (2018)

Macey - The River (2022)

Shihad - Think You're So Free (2014)

No Comply - Bad To The Bone (2020)

riiki reid - Meet U Again (2005)

Emma Dilemma - We Should Give A Shit (2021)