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The Best In NZ Music 2023

Posted by Lee Densem


Please excuse the bad NZ music-related pun above, but it just felt true.We say screw the weather, take the pleasure with you! We did just that with this year with some special live performances at Friday Night Bites from Dead Favours, Georgia Lines, Aidan Fine, and Rodney Fisher. And we definitely kept doing it as we added many splendid Kiwi tracks to our Spotify playlist as they've cropped up through the year. 

So, as you wait for El Nino or global warming or whatever to do it's thing to summer, it's time to go doofer deep into some doof-doof! Radio BurgerFuel's Best In NZ Music 2023 is here - so buckle up for our 100% slowly-getting-more-official list of homegrown goodies.


This year's annual aural candy comes from Aidan Fine, Diggy Dupé, 33 Below, Coast Arcade, NO CIGAR, and more. So get this pound of sound in, and around to your ears.

Diggy Dupé - 'We The City'

no comply - 'I'll be fine'

D.matthews - 'Jeje'

Ray Leslie - 'Who Do You See'

Aidan Fine - 'Sunday morning'

sachi - 'Whole Again'

33 below - 'protecta'

fable - 'popstar in manix'

rodney fisher & the response - icu

midwave breaks - 'mind made up'

coast arcade - 'highest heights'

day we ran - 'forestry'

no cigar - 'these are the days'

the mons whalers - 'won't let you go'

Rebel Reid - 'cry cry cry'

Listen to our Best In NZ Music 2023 playlist on Spotify below (or find it HERE) to hear some more of our favs, including tracks from Raiza Biza, Tei, Summer Thieves, and Parallel Park. Compliments of the season and all that, summer here we come!