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It is a scrimmage that has lasted through the ages. Since the mid-90s, this burger joint has fought valiantly for a share of your stomach against a demonic pizza rival. We decided it was time to settle this dispute once and for all and challenge this worthy opponent to a battle, Eat Fighter style.

Roundhouse Ram is a challenger like no other. 

Since the mid-90s, this Kiwi burger joint has fought valiantly for a share of your stomach against many a rival. And now it is time to put forward the ultimate fighting champion in a tussle for your tummies.

Going for the takedown with classic New Zealand ingredients, The Roundhouse Ram has a ground and pound of tender braised Oamaru lamb shoulder, a fresh jab of sweet mint sauce, body blows of sautéed onions and smashed crumbed pea bites. All finished off with a generous serving of fresh sliced tomatoes, batch brewed tomato relish and free range BurgerFuel Aioli.

The Roundhouse Ram won’t be in the fight for long, so head in-store or order online from October 6th to try this knockout limited-edition special.


Smashed Pea Bites contain mint & gluten and are vegetarian & vegan suitable. Sautéed onions are fried in butter so contain dairy. Mint Sauce is vegan & halal suitable, Lamb Shoulder, Pea Bites & onions are also halal suitable