Introducing Seoul Train


Get on board the Seoul Train to the soul kitchen and say hello to kimchi days, hot gochujang nights and fried chicken dreams.

This is BurgerFuel doing a Korean fried chicken/gourmet burger fusion and it’s on like Donkey Kong in Dongja Dong sole finger saluting Kimmy Jong. We’re all for peace, love and burgers throughout the Samsung galaxy, which is why we’ve crafted the intoxicating and delicious Seoul Train burger - it’s time to leave Bibimbap to the hipsters and do The Get Down to the Seoul town. 

Say hello to the star of the show (hint: it’s not Carmen Electra) - our BurgerFuel recipe crispy Korean fried chicken. Explode your taste buds with tart kimchi, eye-watering gochujang aioli, sweet, pickled daikon radish and crunchy bean sprouts. It’s the perfect burger for doing noraebang and soju bombs, fuelling your next K-Pop rave, or even to start off your own personal mukbang YouTube channel.

Soul food meets Seoul food. Eat it. Gangnam style (we couldn’t resist). 

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You'll thank us later.



Allergens of the Seoul Train specific ingredients: The coating used on the free-range chicken tenderloins in our Seoul Train burger contains gluten and dairy, has traces of soy, and is Halal suitable. The Kimchi contains fish sauce and the Sriracha sauce contains sulphites. The Gochujang Chilli paste contains gluten, soy and also seeds and nuts. Please head HERE to read more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.