We're sending you straight to heaven...Smack & Cheese is back!

Posted by BurgerFuel

Ladies, hustlers and people who keep their cash in an engraved money clip...

Hide your stash, and groom your 'stache, we’re about to send you straight to heaven.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the deep, dark, deliciously indulgent world of ultimate truffle/pasta/cheese related, magical realism level addiction.

It’s the burger that may make you a little sweaty in anticipation of your next legal bender of the burger good times variety…it’s good to see you again, friend, it’s Smack and Cheese.

With no change to the 2017 original, Smack & Cheese includes indulgent macaroni cheese bites, made from lines of breadcrumbs, dime bagged macaroni and laundered bacon. They’re served between our artisan wholemeal buns, on top of our 100% pure grass-fed NZ beef and accompanied by cheese sauce, melted cheddar cheese, a sniff of truffle aioli and fresh hand cut salad.

Side effects may include dependence and withdrawal – we take all and no responsibility for this at the same time. It’s pure, hedonistic, recreational fun with friends. Burger related rehab fees are not included, but facilities can be recommended.

Order Online HERE now to get your fix. Here for a good time not a long time!

The BurgerFuel crew.

Allergens: The macaroni cheese bites and the cheese sauce in the Smack & Cheese burger both contain dairy & gluten. The macaroni cheese bites also contain bacon and soy with traces of egg. Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.