There's a new side in town....Smack & Cheese Bites!

Posted by BurgerFuel

Sweet baby cheesus, there’s a new side in town.

Introducing Smack & Cheese Bites, we thought they were so good in the burger they deserved to have the spotlight. Equally as addictive, our indulgent macaroni cheese bites are made from lines of breadcrumbs, expert level macaroni and cheese, a sprinkle of chives and tasty bacon bits, all served up with our free range BurgerFuel aioli laced with smoky BBQ sauce. 

You’ll get six Smack & Cheese Bites to sink your teeth into, but they come with a warning! They’re hot to bite and may cause cling-on level dependence. We promise they’re only around for a limited time, so you don’t get hooked for life. 

Order Online HERE now to get your fix. Here for a good time not a long time!

The BurgerFuel crew.

Allergens: The Smack & Cheese Bites (macaroni cheese bites) contain dairy, gluten, bacon and soy with traces of egg. Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.