Smack & Cheese Bites

Sweet baby cheesus, there’s a new side in town.


Introducing Smack & Cheese Bites.. Made from crunchy breadcrumbs, expert level macaroni and cheese, a sprinkle of chives and tasty bacon bits, all served up with our BurgerFuel Aioli.

You’ll get six Smack & Cheese Bites to sink your teeth into, but they come with a warning! They’re hot to bite and may cause cling-on level dependence. We promise they’re only around for a limited time, so you don’t get hooked for life.


Ingredients & Allergen Information: 

Ingredients: Macaroni & cheese sauce, cheese & onion powder, bacon, breadcrumbs

Allergens: Wheat, soy, milk, egg & fish products

Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.