The Peanut Piston is back!

Posted by BurgerFuel

The comeback king!

When we took the Peanut Piston off the menu in December 2016 after two glorious decades of satay-sauciness, we probably didn’t go in the right direction in the popularity polls with a lot of you (as the literally thousands of salty emails and social media comments will attest to) and for that, we are genuinely truly sorry.  

We’d like to think that we’ve made up for it BUT  for those of you still sobbing into your Spud Fries (and who haven’t been customising the Bio Fuel or Ford Freakout to make it anyway) we are as pleased as punch to let you know that the Peanut Piston is back on the menu for the next few weeks. 

Haven’t tried the Peanut Piston before? Once you come out from under that rock, you’re in for an absolute treat with the ultimate peanut-culture icon 100% pure grass-fed NZ beef is served smashed juicy and dripping with our peanut packed BurgerFuel Peanut Piston Sauce, fresh salad, and our free-range BurgerFuel Aioli to create the burger that has kick-started many an emotional roller-coaster. 

In store for a limited time only.

Order Online now HERE to get your Peanut Piston fix before it's gone....

Allergens: BurgerFuel Peanut Piston sauce is our satay sauce in the Allergens link HERE

The BurgerFuel crew.