Introducing 100% locally sourced, Electric Pūhā!

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We thought it was high time we brought you a dope new burger that’s not only good for your health and the planet but also contains intriguing fresh ingredients that’s a first for this burger joint. Culinary innovation for the curious, this limited-edition burger packs one hell of a punch in flavour to satisfy those munchies and give you that electric feel (MGMT not included).

We’ve gone for the hemp trifecta, introducing Electric Pūhā. Packed with three forms of hemp super fuel; seed, oil and powder, it’s a unique, yet delicious, burger that is Buzzfeed worthy…but without the buzz.  Hemp is a sustainable super food, and a natural way to get your daily hit of iron, protein, iodine, zinc and omegas. Yup – we’re talkin’ all of that in one super filling serving.

100% vegan and 100% locally sourcedElectric Pūhā is a nutrient-rich line-up of our Hemp and Broc Bites, native pūhā & cabbage kraut and hemp seed oil aioli, combined with fresh rocket, an ounce of relish and a healthy dollop of avocado, all stacked perfectly between our very own wholesome organic hemp sourdough buns. 

Here’s the ingredient breakdown for the curious cats: 

Hemp and Broc Bites: Packed with chickpeas and broccoli and made deliciously kick-ass with the natural goodness of hemp oil, hemp seeds and hemp powder. That’s your iron, iodine and zinc hit in four bites.  

Pūhā & Cabbage Kraut: A zesty blend of super greens – fermented cabbage, native pūhā, spinach, kale and seaweed – Teaming up with salsa picante to throw one hell of a probiotic party. 

Organic Hemp Sourdough Bun: Our very own wholesome artisan hemp bun that is surprisingly light yet hearty. A fusion of hemp seed, hemp oil and spinach.

Hemp Seed Oil Aioli: Aioli is our jam, so when we created this burger, we knew it had to meet the holy aioli standards. Our hemp seed oil aioli uses the superpowers and protein that come from hemp seeds to give you a smooth, indulgent hit of saucy goodness. 

Not just for the hardcore herbivores, this nutritious beast is a burger for everyone. You’ll need to get in quick to have a hoon on this one, so don’t miss out!

Hemp burger contains wheat (so not GF or suitable for Coeliacs) 


100% locally sourced

We teamed up with some impressive local suppliers in the creation of this burger.

Shout out to Plant Culture, who hosted our ‘Burger-making-dream-team’ for a five-course meal to educate and showcase hemp as a power-packed diverse ingredient with a delicious flavour profile. 

To the team at Kaitahi - The Native Superfood company is an iwi operated native food enterprise from the West Coast of South Taranaki, who grew the pūhā in our Pūhā & Cabbage Kraut. Showing true South Taranaki hospitality, Kaitahi hosted our team at their digs and worked with us to ensure appreciation towards the use of the indigenous herb and guidance around using Maori terminology in a culturally responsive way.

The 'kraut' in the Pūhā & Cabbage Kraut hails from the fermented food specialists, Living Goodness and the legends at Bread & Butter Bakery & Cafe produced the super soft hemp sourdough bun, so packed full of dense goodness we need to toast it twice for the perfect golden finish. 

And every great burger needs a sidekick, what better than the perfect pairing of Aotea Tonics beverage Immunity (Kūmarahou) Tonic. Aotea Tonics use flora native to New Zealand and each flavour is low in natural sugars and full of immunity and nervous system supporting ingredients. These guys are all about giving back to their community and are in their second year of providing secondary education scholarships to rangatahi māori (youth).

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Allergen Info: The Hemp & Broc Bites and hemp sourdough bun in the Electric Pūhā contain gluten, while the pūhā & cabbage kraut contains soy. All ingredients are vegetarian, vegan and halal suitable. Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.