After Burner is here to knock your socks off!

Here to make your eyes water and hotter than the time Paris Hilton sued Hallmark, we sincerely suggest you grab your burn cream and the nearest tall drink of water because the After Burner is here to knock your socks off. 

This is your official warning to mentally prepare your taste buds because there’s a new spicy chicken burger in town and we’re turning up the heat. 

In the brand spankers new After Burner, we coat our free-range chicken breast with chipotle salt and serve it alongside hot jalapeños (grown in Mexican soil for an even more authentic taste) with coarsely blended Serrano chillies and spicy carrots to add some extra ‘HELLO’ to the kick. 

Finished off with our iconic free-range BurgerFuel Chipotle Aioli, the After Burner is a not-for-the-faint-hearted feast with a fresh, clean, layered flavour profile that will leave your taste buds definitely knowing what’s up. 

Best devoured with a creamy Thickshake on the side, a healthy sense of confidence and a good old fashioned dose of concrete pills. 

In store for a limited time only.

Order Online now HERE to get your After Burner fix before it's gone....

Allergen Info: The chipotle salt in the After Burner contains Annatto Seed and Juniper berries, while the Serrano Peppers/carrot blend contains soy. The chipotle salt, Serrano Peppers/carrot blend and Jalapeños are gluten free and are vegetarian and vegan suitable. Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.


The BurgerFuel crew.