Sometimes classics need to be modified to suit a full throttle lifestyle... 

For a limited time only, we’ve souped up your favourite, the Bacon Backfire.The classic has been hoisted up and rebuilt by the team in the BurgerFuel garage, switching tools from the grill to the fryer, with the modified addition of crumbed fried chicken.

Introducing the Modifried Coupe, formally known as the Bacon BackFryer (cranking a name change after some ordering mishaps), and it’s just as good as you remember. With crumbed free range fried chicken breasttasty bacon, creamy brie and finished off with sweet plum sauce, it’s really something to switch lanes for.

Make a meal of it, while this burger is parked up on our menu, and chuck on some Spud Fries with Aioli and a Coke for just $6.50 (say what?!) or grab this sweet limited time offer below!

This Modifried Coupe won’t be around for long, so take it for a spin real soon.

Allergen information:
The Modifried Coupe chicken breast crumb contains soy, dairy and gluten and the chicken breast is not halal.

Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.