Summer Pash'in

Posted by BurgerFuel

On a scale of 1 to not realising your camera is on during the Zoom meeting, how awkward was your first pash? To take your mind off that cringe worthy moment in your life, we’re bringing back a 2015 classic, SUMMER PASH, and this year it comes with a guarantee of no post consumption awkwardness.

Made with liquid gold passionfruit syrup and combined with our all-natural BurgerFuel WHIP. Our limited-edition passionfruit Thickshake is creamy, tangy, and refreshing. Nothing says summer quite like a BurgerFuel Thickshake.

PS: Practice safe soy. SUMMER PASH is vegetarian and vegan (with soy) friendly.


Please head HERE for more information on eating with allergies at BurgerFuel.