The Jafa Thickshake is back!

It's back. It's the original Jafa Thickshake. That stands for Just Another…nope, we’re not going there. How about Just Another Fresh(af) All-natural Thickshake.

We called on the Kiwi confectionery gods when thinking up our next special shake and they answered. So, we’ve whipped together sweet chocolate, a double hit of orange and our creamy all-natural BurgerFuel whip. Resulting in a smooth, velvety shake that tastes just like that classic little choc-orange ball you know and love.

Make sure you get in quick, before it rolls out the door.

Disclaimer (to be said in your mind as fast as you can): This is a non-discriminatory shake for everyone and is in no way intended to poke fun at those who reside in the City of Sails.