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The Most Dedicated: An Aotearoa Graffiti Story

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Our main man and Creative, Sweet founder, Kairau Bradley (aka Haser) is hard to pin down, now an acclaimed artist with a rising career that doesn’t keep him in one place for too long. Since Covid interrupted his travel plans last year, he has settled back in to NZ life with a sweet studio in Karangahape Road in Auckland and a long list of back-to-back creative projects to keep him busy.

His latest venture has him in Wellington’s Lower Hutt, taking part in a very unique and significant exhibition…

Haser is a member of the TMD crew, a creative collective that was founded by over 20 graffiti artists in the late ‘90s. This creative bunch of misfits are an integral part of Aotearoa’s urban art history and all have gone on to forge successful careers in their craft, both locally and internationally. The TMD crew have come together again, for their first ever major public art institution display as a collective, at The Dowse Art Museum, which presents, ‘The Most Dedicated: An Aotearoa Graffiti Art Story’.

The exhibition is an immersive urban art experience with the objective of making street art accessible and giving the public an opportunity to learn about its evolution as a contemporary art genre, through the perspective of the country’s most prolific urban street art creatives. 

‘The Most Dedicated: An Aotearoa Graffiti Story’ Exhibition: 27 March – 2 August | ‘TMD: Street Art Festival’: 27 March – 30 March

The show includes artworks, audio visual displays, interactive elements and nostalgic settings from the crews past. It also includes the artists' contemporary works and the exhibition is supplemented by additional events like art workshops with the TMD crew, panel discussions and a guided mural walking tour of the TMD: Street Art Festival. Here, 13 members of the TMD crew will be doing what they do best, taking it from the gallery to the streets and adding to the collection of street art around Wellington’s CBD.

Check out the 90’s dairy installation, brought to life by Haser, below...

Photos courtesy of Raymond Sagapolutele

Included in The Most Dedicated: An Aotearoa Graffiti Story will be contributions from ACRE, ADDICT, ASKEW ONE (Elliot O’Donnell), BERST (Dr. Bobby Hung), DEUS (Elliot Francis Stewart), DYLE52 aka SAVES (Benjamin Work), EXIST*, FLURO (Holly Ross), HASER (Kairau Bradley), LADY DIVA (Janine Williams), Mark Henare, MISERY (Tanja Jade), ONEDEAP (Jamie McCready), PEST5 (Jonny 4Higher), PHAT1 (Charles Williams), RAMS*, RIMONI (Raymond Sagapolutele), RYZE (Gary Silipa), SOFLES, VANS THE OMEGA (Joel Van Moore), and WOW123 (Markus Genesius).