The ultimate BurgerFuel hacks

As you know, at BurgerFuel we live and breathe burgers. Although we’ve selected our top 18 burgers to feature on our menu full-time, we all have our favourite customisations! Because the best secrets are meant to be shared (right?), we've decided to give you guys the ins and outs of our ultimate burger hacks. Go on, give them a go, you know you want to!

1. Bacon Backfire + Plum sauce = the perfect addition that will blow your taste buds! A little bit sweet, with a little bit creamy, hello brie!

2. Bastard + egg – whether you like your eggs sunny side up or over easy, you’ll never go back after trying this combo!

3. We all know the Ford Freakout is a crowd favourite, who doesn’t love bacon and avo?? Add cheese and pineapple to this bad boy and you’re sussed.

4. Our crunchy pumpkin, carrot, chickpea and ginger a.k.a the famous Motobites, served up with BurgerFuel Aioli AND Plum Sauce will change.your.life.

5. Chicken lovers out there, we hear you. Try the BBQ Roadster with Chicken instead of Beef. Free range grilled chicken breast, tasty bacon, melted cheddar, crispy battered onion rings topped with BBQ sauce – you can thank us later.

6. Veggie lovers, we’ve got your back! Greed-ify your V-Twin Vege by adding an extra V-Twin patty. You could even increase the crunch by making it a Low-Carborator (switch your buns and relish for extra salad)!

7. Jamie from Sydenham recommends a Double American Muscle with an egg for the ultimate hangover cure! (Jamie knows his burgers!).

8. Calling all Vegans! There’s some good stuff in here for you too! A V8 Vegan with pickles and peanut sauce! YES!

9. Enough with the small talk, we’re going big on this one! Aleesha from Frankton cannot live without her Backfire with added Motobites! – hands down, 110% mind-blowing.

10. And finally, adding cheese to anything without cheese! Or double the cheese with added brie!

You are welcome!