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The Vault

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BurgerFuel was present again as Limn Gallery dug deep into their archives and put on a display of some their rarest, unshown and sold out items from some of the worlds most renowned artists.

Although art is a necessity amongst society, it is also a luxury, seeing some of the worlds most prestigious art in person is a privilege, it requires travel and sometimes exclusivity. Limn Gallery has spent years acquiring art from around the world with the intent to bring it back and share with with their viewers, buyers and Auckland’s community of art lovers. It is nothing short of a luxury to walk into a gallery on Ponsonby Road and be treated to works by the likes of Takashi Murakami, Banksy, Shepard Fairly, as well as local legends Askew One, Levi Hawken and Petra Leary. Pair that with BurgerFuel’s luxury gourmet sides, it begins to paint a perfect picture, we call that picture perfect.

You can also visit Limn Gallery at 119 Ponsonby Road, Auckland or find and follow them on the grams