Posted by BurgerFuel

Since the beginning of time and the very existence of the humble burger, people have experienced a myriad of first world problems, from squashed buns, to falling filling and sauce stains. We put on our thinking caps and a nifty new invention was born, the BurgerFuel Doofer - a world first, magic piece of holding, folding cardboard genius.

And better days were ahead, with no more ill-fated burger slippage or runaway relish – just a perfectly contained burger, caressed by an innovative little friend, to make your gourmet burger eating all the more sweeter. You’re welcome.

Well, it’s time to meet the next evolution in reducing the juices. Presenting the BurgerFuel ZippyBox™.

Created with the ultimate burger eating experience in mind, we meticulously crafted (landing on version 30-something!) a burger box that keeps your burger hot, looking like it does on the advertising and has a built-in burger-holding doofer to catch all those juicy juices.

And because we give a shit about the planet and are scrupulous when it comes to selecting packaging suppliers that meet our strict Enviro-mental requirements, we made sure that our new burger box is produced, and can be disposed of, in a way that is kinder to the environment. The ZippyBox™ is recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and made from sustainable resources, with PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) accreditation.

You can even compost this bad boy at home! Simply rip up the ZippyBox™ into small pieces, no larger than your little finger, and pop it in your compost bin. You can speed up the decomposition process by soaking the cardboard in water and adding a bit of natural liquid detergent. Better living everyone.

And because reducing any unnecessary packaging is high on our Enviro-mental agenda too, the introduction of this guy means that our old faithful doofers will only be needed for assisting you when you dine in, or for devouring your fave mini burger. That’s a reduction in around 3 million doofers produced each year.

So, tell us what you think about the new ZippyBox™. And remember, no box-opening is required, just keep the ZippyBox upright, unzip to reveal your burger... and smash it. Easy.  

Head HERE to learn more about our Enviro-mental ethos and packaging.