'Tis the season for TriFuel

Normally we like to add our own BurgerFuel twists to the classics, but with our latest limited-edition dessert, we decided you should never mess with best.


‘Tis the season for TriFuel – our deliciously addictive, traditionally-traditional trifle is made with layer upon layer of premium BurgerFuel goodies and served just as you remember it.

Starting at the bottom (now we’re here) we’ve layered raspberry jelly, white chocolate sponge and sweet juicy peaches. Topping it off, we’ve got classic custard, berry compote an essential-summer-swirl of all-natural BurgerFuel WHIP.

Don’t make the mistake of relegating it to dessert – it’s the silly season and life’s too short! This tasty throwback also goes well with your 11am coffee, is portable enough for long walks on the beach, and could even be smuggled into a meeting, prize-giving or taken late-night shopping.


Allergen Information:

The TriFuel is not gluten free, Halal suitable, vegetarian or vegan. However, it is free from peanuts, nuts and seed.