Summer Ginge Binge Thickshake

Posted by BurgerFuel

'Tis the season to binge.

Tis’ nearly the season to put your passive-aggressive auto-reply on, fight your way through work Christmas do’s and countdown until you can vegetate in some vitamin D. It’s also time to binge out with the return of BurgerFuel’s Summer Ginge Binge Thickshake.

Created by ginger-doused angels, these beloved gingerbreads sacrificed themselves for the greater good, diving deep into our classic, thick, all-natural BurgerFuel whip* to create a festively nostalgic flavour that can only be known as Ginge Binge.

Around for a limited time only, make your way to and from home with this sweet treat in hand.

*We also have soy option if you don’t dig dairy.