We're here for your burger ritual!

Posted by BurgerFuel

The BurgerFuel HQ team are settling in to our various makeshift working from home set ups – all tap-tapping away productively, some perched on the end of the couch, half-reclined in bed or hiding from kids in a hallway cupboard. As we sit here, reminiscing that familiarity of our average morning coffee from the temperamental machine and the comfort of that ergonomic office chair, we’re seriously missing our regular fuel fix. 

While we wait for those purple neons to welcome us back like a beacon from the heavens, we’ve been virtually commiserating and discussing our burger rituals. Some got a bit carried away and the list became quite entertaining, so we thought why not share some of the best and see if you’re right there with us? Or not. That’s okay too.


Jo, IT guru with the patience of a saint (turning it off and on again is apparently not helping): Legend has it, he bites his Ford Freakout and imagines holding it up like Rafiki does in The Lion King. Hakuna Matata (it means ‘no worries’).

Tim, Operations and keeper of the tidiest beard in all the land: Tim’s place is party central most weekends (he lives up on the Coast, don’t hold that against him or his friends) and he plays responsible host by ordering a mass feed for all before turning it up for the rest of the night. That’s a decent guy right there.

Everyone, HQ: A 2am burger when seriously lit, which ends with staff asking us to step out from behind the counter when we think we can ‘jump on the till and help out’. No, go home to bed.

Handy hint: If you’re going large on Ponsonby Road in Auckland, or staying up late on Courtenay Place in Welly, you can grab a feed before you head home, thanks to the crew running our Graveyard shift. That’s a 3AM close, people. Not all heroes wear capes.

Nikki, Marketing and Mum of two feral high energy boys: Nikki and her fam get BurgerFuel most Wednesday Nights. That’s two Kids Ink Cheeseburger Meals and a Double Muscle for the boys to inhale and a Burnout for Mum to delicately eat like a lady. Even with music pumping and the kids smearing sauce all over the table, it’s still quieter and cleaner than home.

Josh, BurgerFuel Athletic Department Coach. Lives the lanky life: After dragging us kicking and screaming (or crying) through our weekly session, Josh hits up his local for Kumara fries and a Low Carb V8 Vegan. He mentioned something about ‘low glycaemic carbs’ this and ‘calories in and out’ that… or something. We forgot the rest.

Jess, Marketing and fashun enthusiast: Ever been in a BurgerFuel store, listened to Radio BurgerFuel playing and heard “I like burgers”. Well, that sweet angel voice is our Jess and has become an iconic phrase in the office. It’s almost profound, as it really is the answer to most questions ever posed in life. Jess confessed that she whispers it to herself before every bite of a BurgerFuel burger and that’s mysterious and wonderful, and a little unsettling, but we’re here for it.

Everyone, HQ: Working at BurgerFuel means signing up to be a VIB is compulsory. All staff members should have to read marketing’s ramblings for the duration of their tenure. Just like this article. But who isn’t down for a free burger on their birthday? Seriously who? We’ll wait. Hands down the top head office ritual was hitting up the local store for a VIB burger. The shame of presenting your ID and showing that photo from 8 years ago is also compulsory. Embrace it. You look great!

What’s this all about then? When you’re a BurgerFuel VIB you get hooked up with a free burger, on your birthday. Head HERE to sign up. Now you know.

Kairau, Creative, Sweet Founder: When anyone says the word 'burger', Kairau's ears perk up and he jumps at any opportunity to devour a burger. If you bump into Kairau on a Friday night, chances are, he's already smashed a hamburgini before you've seen him - sometimes even before dinner.

We could go on, but all this talk of burger rituals is just making us hungry. See you on the other side.