How the BurgerFuel Athletic Department came to life...

Josh “Pretty Boy” Randall is BurgerFuel Athletic Department’s fitness trainer and head coach. He’s spent years bringing HQ and store staff nothing but a lot of sweat (and a few tears) down in the basement B.A.D gym.

Here's his story on how B.A.D came to be, in his words.


The year was 2005.. faux-hawks were in, everyone was rocking Ed Hardy (gag) and Gwen Stefani was busy telling us that she ‘Ain’t no holla-back girl'.

I was working days at a Boxing Gym, holding pads for corporates wanting a bit of ‘street’ in their workout and at night, I was working the doors at some of Auckland’s seediest and most notorious nightclubs. I was working hard to support a passion I had at the time. No-holds-barred fighting.

As far as fighters go, I could not have been a more unlikely candidate. A latch-key kid raised by a single mum who wrapped me up in cotton wool. I was not only spoiled, but as soft as butter. A wimp and a total try-hard. Every single sport that I had ever tried I was completely hopeless at. I was chronically underweight with low self-esteem and had never completed anything in my life, including school.

Growing up I had always idolised fighters - boxers mainly, like Iron Mike Tyson. I saw fighters as the ultimate example of confidence, masculinity and physical prowess - the kind of which I could or would never be able to achieve myself.

In my early twenties I was introduced to weightlifting by a friend of mine and, to my great surprise, I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that came with grinding out a heavy session in the gym and slowly but surely, I started to put a little meat on my bones.

One day many years later, working at a Boxing Gym, I started training a hot-shot businessman. He was a big-hitter entrepreneur but a relative new-comer to physical exercise…this guy ended up becoming the CEO of an emerging Kiwi burger brand.

And with that, the B.A.D movement was born. We built a legit gym at the BurgerFuel Head office and I have been running the team through their paces ever since.



B.A.D is a place for our people to seek out challenge. It’s a place where misfits, anti-heroes and art school drop-outs can test themselves both physically and mentally. Because our people are at the heart of everything we do. And we do it in a completely original way.

Over the years BurgerFuel has fed me, sponsored me (in frozen chicken) to fight, and has supported me through a University Diploma. Upon achieving that diploma, I went on to win a NZ Fitness Industry award and I now work as a physical trainer to some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

In the 6 years that B.A.D gym has been operating, we have delivered over a thousand hours of high-octane, science-based training, to literally hundreds of people.

Who does that?


So thank you BurgerFuel, it’s been one hell of a ride so far and we are just getting started…